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5th Hungarian GIS Conference and Exhibition






University of Debrecen, leader in Education of Physical Geography and Geoinformatics, is pleased to announce it will host the 5th Hungarian GIS Conference and Exhibition, from May 29 (Thursday) to 31 (Saturday), 2014. The event will also host the annual conference of MapWindow Open Source GIS & OSGeo communities.

The event is to take place at University of Debrecen and will focus on helping users to broaden their understanding of GIS (open source and proprietary) and develop their skills. Activities during the 3 days will include a mix of presentations, keynotes, workshops, social events.

The first day will focus on the Hungarian attendees with presentations, workshops and keynotes in Hungarian. The second day will be a mixture of English and Hungarian tracks and also the start of the MapWindow Open Source GIS & OSGeo communities Conference. 

The third day will be English-only and focused on MapWindow GIS & DotSpatial and open source GIS in general. Expected presentations on this day will be on MapWindow, DotSpatial, GRASS, QGis, OpenLayers, GDAL, GEOS, LeafLet, etc.

The Exhibition provides a great opportunity to present products and services of your company. The exhibition is freely opened to non-participant visitors as well, thus maximising interaction with potential customers. Events and poster sessions are scheduled in the exhibition hall to guarantee quality traffic throughout the conference. The exhibition is on view for the first two days. 

Anyone is welcome to attend the conference including GIS users of all levels, and those who wish to learn more about GIS in general. 

Registration is now open, and those interested are encouraged to sign up and pay before March 30, 2014 will get early payment discount.





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