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About us


The Department of Physical Geography and Geoinformatics performs many multiple activities. The primarily mission of our Department is to teach the basic courses within the frame of Geography BSc and Geographer MSc as well as special courses in Geoinformatics BSc and MSc. Nevertheless, Geomorphology MSc is also available. For those, who have already an advanced qualification and would like to develop their GIS knowledge, we offer the GIS assistant and Applied Geoinformatics trainings in our Department. 

Beside of teaching the Department of Physical Geography and Geoinformatics has also an established reputation in research, in which particular emphasis is placed on newer trends, like remote sensing, and land mosaics. However, the more traditional investigations, like research in geomorphology, are also highlighted. The research topics of our faculty members connect to the doctoral program (The natural and anthropogenic processes of the litoshere and hydrosphere of the Earth Sciences Doctoral School. 

We also provide for students two computer labs with 40 desktops in order to broaden their opportunities for using several GIS software ( ArcGIS, Global Mapper, Surfer, DigiTerra, etc.). 

The necessary material analysis and testing for thesis can be carried out in the physical geography laboratory of the Institute of Geography. The very special fluvial laboratory and wind tunnel, by which geomorphological processes can be investigated, can also be found here.


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