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Dr. Túri, Zoltán

Dr. Túri, Zoltán







GeoMat Building 228

+36 52 512900/23228

turi.zoltan@science.unideb.hu; turizoltan.geo@gmail.com

  Personal details

   Name: Túri, Zoltán

   Assignment: assistant professor


      2015 PhD degree, earth sciences, University of Debrecen (83/2015)

      2003 geographer MSc (specialized in regional and urban development), University of Debrecen, Faculty of Science and Technology (T88/2005)

   Studies: 1998-2003 University of Debrecen, geography MSc

                    2005-2008 University of Debrecen, PhD program on earth sciences

    Works: 2004-2007 Tiszazug Geographical Museum, Tiszaföldvár – museologist

                   2007- University of Debrecen, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Department of Physical Geography and Geoinformatics, Debrecen – assistant lecturer

    Language skills: English



  geoinformatics, remote sensing, landscape ecology



  Hybrid GIS modelling

  Environmental applications of GIS

  Digital vectorised systems II.

  GIS field-work and mapping

  Cartography and map projections II.


  Physical geography III. (Fluvial geomorphology)


  Scientific public life

  Hungarian Geographical Society, member (2015-)

  Hungarian Natural Science Society (2015-)



  Cumulative impact factor: 3,23

   Independent citations: 15


  Full publication list





  Selected research grants

  participant in Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 (HURO) 0802/083_AF (2011-2012), Project title: Contributions to efficient use of the   renewable energies in Bihor and Hajdú-Bihar regions

  participant in Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 (HURO) 0901/135/2.2.3. (2010-2012), Project title: Elaboration of Soil Strategy for the Nyírség Region and Bihor Mountains based EU soil directives

  participant in Hungarian National Scientific Fund Project (OTKA) K 68902 (2007–2011), Project title: In the Outskirts of the Life Ethnographical, Historical, Geographical researches of Tiszazug Region at the Millennium

  participant in Life Environment (SUMAR) LIFE03 ENV/H/000280 project (2004-2005), Project title: Sustainable use and management rehabilitation of flood plain in the Middle Tisza District




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